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LED USB rechargeable Moon Lamp 20 CM

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 Moonlight Lamp brightens any atmosphere. Portable, rechargeable with USB, 110v, 20 cm moon lamp with LED bulbs, touch sensor turns it on. 

If you love space or have a child that does but is afraid of the dark, then this Moonlight nightlight would be a perfect choice. 
1. This lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, adopting non-toxic, odorless, PLA material. Layer by layer stack, restore the real appearance of the moon.
2. The moon-like lamp has raters and pockmarks along the surface to mimic the moon's surface, which will emit a soft white glow that really does look like moonlight. 
3. Color Changing: Slightly touch the button to change the color, white or yellow (brightness can be adjusted under the lights on the state).
4. You can place it anywhere you like, and then it will light the area around it up with a soft white light. A perfect addition to your child's bedroom, night table, or in-home office desk.
5. Comes with a wooden mount.
This is a perfect gift for girls and boys, your loved one or girlfriend. With low voltage USB charging, it’s especially safe for kids.
Item Type: Moonlight Lamp
Material: Poly-lactic Acid
Color: White
Lighting Color: White and Yellow
Bulb Type: LED
Diameter 20CM
Power Source: USB Recharging Battery
Power Supply: USB DC 5V
Working Time: 4-12 hours (depends on brightness)
How to use:
Touch the charging hole with your finger (no danger) to cycle between the yellow light and white light.
When you turn on the light, press the charging hole with your fingers to adjust the brightness of the light.
Charging voltage is DC-5V, mobile phone charger, the computer USB interface can be used.
-When charging, the moon becomes red, full, and then off.
-Installation of a circuit is required, the sphere edge will have a seam.
-3D printing causes the object surface to have the contour line phenomenon. 
Package includes:
1 x Moonlight Lamp
1 x USB Cable (No Adapter)
1 x Wood Mount
1 x Manual